Friday, June 20, 2008

Trips For Those Who Don't Ride The Bus

I announced my planned return to Columbus in a letter Columbus Monthly magazine ran in its September 2007 issue. The letter was a response to unfavorable remarks Editor Ray Paprocki made about COTA in his column. Taking COTA’s side, I asked Paprocki three questions, the first two of which aren’t likely to motivate the magazine's mostly well-educated, well-off readers to take up bus travel.

I wondered if Paprocki could use the time he felt he’d waste riding the bus to catch up on reading or sleep, and wondered if he could use the extra several hundred dollars a month he’d realize from ditching his car.

While I can’t imagine the professional people in Columbus cuddling up on a bus seat with a book or dozing off, or imagine them getting rid of their automobiles just to improve their cash positions, my third question may encourage a few to take more mass transit trips.

I asked, "Wouldn’t he (Paprocki) be proud saying he’s no longer polluting the atmosphere?” which should provoke a few ego trips.

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