Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Bus to Heaven

Seven people board a Bus to Heaven. But only six of them are deemed worthy of the trip. One guy should be on the Bus to Hell because he killed someone in his real life, but snuck onto the Bus to Heaven at the Eternity Depot.

The six good people try to convince the Bus to Heaven driver to turn the bus around and go back to the Eternity Depot. But the driver says it's too risky, that Eternity routes are one-way routes and there's a chance they would all end up in Hell.

So the six good people discuss what to do with the one bad guy. He tries to defend himself, confessing that while driving drunk one day he hit a young man riding a bicycle who had lots of promise. The bad guy explains that he stopped his vehicle but got so frightened he left the scene of the accident, only to be spotted by a passing motorist.

After the six good Bus to Heaven riders weigh their options for dealing with the one bad guy, they decide to kill him.

(A play I wrote. To read the script click on "VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE" at "ABOUT ME" (top right) under my picture. Then select my "The Bus to Heaven" blog.)

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